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Middle East Partners

al fajr logo

Al Fajr Tyres L.L.C. - Egypt

Al Fajr Tyres is a strong actor in Egypt for automotive products and services including, but not limited to: tires services, electrical and mechanical services, change oil services, but also battery and A/C services.





Nava Kish - logo

Nava Noavaran Kish - Iran

Matador is proud to work with Nava Noavaran Kish in Iran

rafic logo

Rafic Bawab Co. SAL - Lebanon

A family business, founded in 1983, Rafic Bawab & co s.a.l is a leading imports and exports of tyres. Automotive batteries, lubricants, Oil filters, wipers, Rims and tubes in Lebanon and over several countries in the middle east and Africa.

Headquartered in Lebanon, the company owns a state of the art distribution centre located in Dibbiyeh which facilitates distribution all over the country from the North to the South including Bekaa region.

Rafic Bawab & co s.a.l commits itself to the finest quality products in the portfolio of brands which includes more than 40 brands of tires, batteries, lubricants, Oil filters, wipers, Rims and tubes.

Rafic Bawab & co s.a.l owns a network of 800 dealers distributed all over Lebanon and employs more than 80 specialized professionals who share the company ambitions of making it the first automotive distributor in the region.

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